The 27th Festival of the Goddess is presented Friday through Sunday Oct 11 – Oct 13

Festival of The Goddess is an annual celebration of Goddess-loving wimmin and maidens of all ages. We meet each year, cradled between the shady Texas woods, and the living waters of a beautiful spring-fed creek, to build female community, create sacred space, explore the healing power of the feminine divine, celebrate the Goddess, and share the Blood Mysteries.

We seek to educate and empower ourselves and each other, held in a foundation of feminism and female herstory. We honor and celebrate our life journey as females, with our powerful Maiden’s Program, our nurturing Crone Camp, and the workshops and rituals throughout the festival.

This year we are celebrating the 27th Festival of the Goddess, gathering together in the hill country outside Austin, surrounded by the hills of our Mother Earth. Each year a different Goddess steps forward to be honored and energy is raised around her and the qualities she embodies. Join us in October as we call on Maia to carry us through these difficult times facing wimmin and the planet.

“Green Goddess of Beltane” by ArwensGrace