The Herstory of Maia

Maia (Maya) graciously picked us this year! Maia was referred to as “Bona
Dea,” which stands for “Good Goddess.” Her name was so sacred that it was
not allowed to be spoken. The month of May was named after her. It is said
that the warmth of Maia’s heat helps the Earth grow.

Aspects and attributes of the Goddess Maia in all her forms are:

In ancient Greek and Roman mythology, Maia was said to be born in a cave
on Mount Cyllene, the most beautiful of the seven sisters. Eventually, Maia
and her sisters were transformed into doves to help them fly away from
being hunted by Orion. When they reached the sky, they were turned into
stars so that they could forever be safe. The sister nymphs make up the
constellation we now call the Pleiades.

Maia had numerous children, most notably Hermes, Zeus’ son. Hermes
invented the lyre (harp) on the first day of his birth, with only a tortoise shell.
Maia lived in the cave on the mountain for most of her life.