Schedule: (Subject to change. Final schedule will be posted under pavilion.)

Thursday 4:00 – Registration opens for grounds set-up begins.

Friday @ dusk – Opening Ritual
Friday after ritual – Drum Circle

Saturday workshops from 9 am-6 pm
Saturday 6:00 pm – Dinner
Saturday @ dark – Talent Show

Sunday 9 am -11 am – workshops
Sunday 11 am – break down temples and load truck
Sunday noon – pot-luck lunch and raffle
Sunday 1 pm – closing ritual
After ritual – grounds clean-up and pack up camp.
Sunday Sundown – Festival ends except for staff and volunteers helping with Monday breakdown crews.

Monday evening – meet at storage facility to unload the truck. Helpers welcome!

We DO have the campgrounds till Monday this year!

The main Temple and the Maiden Temple are usually built Friday afternoon and decorated by festival wimmin and maidens. The Temple is sacred space and we ask that you please respect it as such.
We ask all that enter the Temple:
-Remove shoes before entering, do not smoke or eat in the temple.
-Please bring your exquisite images, statues, photos, iconography, textiles, shells, shiny baubles, and pillows to help decorate.
-Please mark your item with your name.
-Please make sure to retrieve your items at the end of the festival.
-Workshops and rituals may be held in the temple. Schedule your event on the workshop sign-up board (and ensure that event times do not overlap).

Goddess Altars
-Participants are invited to create altars to Goddesses of their choice.
-Individual altars maybe placed anywhere on the grounds except in the Temple or pavilion.

-There is an above ground pool to swim in as well as a spring-fed creek.  Swimsuits are optional.
-Maidens are allowed to swim ONLY with an adult guardian. Maiden Camp will hold scheduled, supervised swim times.
-Please keep glass away from the pool area.