Maiden Camp

As we evolved, we found that our Maiden Program became the heart of our Festival.
By presenting that the Divine is Female, and the Female Divine, each girl understands she carries a spark of that in herself.
It is a thought form rarely found in the current paradigm, and once known has the power to move mountains.
For many wimmin and their daughters, it has also become sacred time spent together annually, and a safe and loving space for girls to perform and be authentically themselves.
We have now been blessed to see many girls grow up at Festival, becoming change makers, performers, and paradigm shifters in their own lives and communities.
It is impossible for Each of us to not recognizes the profound impact such an environment could have had on our own girl-selves.

Example of Maiden Temple Program – Based on previous Years

2 pm   Temple Set Up  ( many hands make light work)
4:30   Nature Art  Activity in the Pavilion
6:00   Meet & Greet in the Maiden Temple
9:30    Hot cocoa & conversation ( post ritual)

9:30 – 10:00 Wake up & Move – Morning movement TBD (maybe Yoga or belly dance)
10- 12:00 Formal Introductions, Meet the Goddess with song & story,
Simple ritual & art activity (sistrums, or cartouche)
12:00-12:45 Lunch with mommy, girls eat at their own camps
12:45-1:45 Maiden Swim at the pool.
2:00 Talent Show Production Practice
4:00 Free time; girls can practice for talent show, make a simple art project (TBD), or hang out with music in temple, shop, swim with supervising adult  6:00 Community Dinner with mom
6:30 Prep for the big show; costumes, make-up, and dress rehearsal
Dusk: Talent Show!!!
Post Show Older maidens are welcome to hang in the temple for cocoa & conversation

9:00 Closing Ritual with honoring of newly bleeding maidens and blood mysteries ( all ages)
10:30 Community Potluck & Raffle Give-Away
Noon-ish: Closing Circle with entire community
Temple Break Down
Break down Maiden Cafe