Crone camp

The Crone Camp will be set up from Friday through Sunday. We started this to accommodate wimmin for whom camp set up has become a barrier to attendance.

We have access to two large communal tents. We will set up the camp in prime space, close to the temple, at the center of the festival camping experience, close to the bathrooms, with electrical access. We plan to have a couple of cots available to reserve in advance and if anyone is willing to bring an extra bed please let us know.

Just know that you must bring everything else needed for camping, except the tent! Please contact us early if we can assist with logistics. If you are not yet a Crone, but have physical limitations that prevent you from camping, you too, are also welcome.

We will have a team of volunteer Crone Guardians to offer lending hands when needed. This will include rides down the hill to the pavilion, the stage and the pool.

We would like to have one or two specific activities/workshops for our Crones as well and you are welcome to send in or bring your ideas or volunteer to offer something!

We offer a ritual croning for wimmin who are ready to honor this marvelous phase of their female experience.

Registration for Crone Camp is included in the general registration form.