Campsite Information

Tips and Tidbits we’ve learned along the way

What you need to know:

The Festival of the Goddess is held on a camping place in the Hill country outside of Austin. There are two camping areas, one at the top of the hill and the lower area along the creek.

The Hilltop is reserved for Mothers and Maidens, Crones and RV/Campers and is adjacent to the bathhouse with showers
Our Temple Priestesses and the grounds crew build the main Goddess Temple and the Maiden’s Temple on the hilltop.

The lower camp area, across from the pavilion, is reserved for Adults, 18 and older. There are toilets and an outdoor shower in the lower camping area.
The lower area houses the pavilions, the stage, market area and swimming pool. The large pavilion is the center of the festival. The smaller one is our Coffee and Tea area.

This is a safe place to dispense with clothing. There will be some full or partial nudity throughout the Festival.

Taking Pictures
No Photography of any type is allowed for privacy issues unless you have permission from everyone in the frame including anyone in the background, BEFOREHAND, along with the mother or legal guardian of anyone under 18.
No Photography or video is allowed during the Talent Show due to privacy issues.

Gate Hours:
Thursday 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm, (noon for set-up crew)
Friday and Saturday 9:00 am to midnight
Sunday 9:00 am to 9:00 pm
Monday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Any Wimmin coming outside of these gate hours will be able to pay a $10 fee to get into the gate. Details about this are posted at the gate.

Bring everything you need to set up your campsite and be comfortable: a portable chair for the talent show, warm clothes/bedding, as it can be cool at night, hats, as there is not a lot of shade in the lower camp, etc

Bring your own dishes and utensils for eating, as well as a glass, mug, and/or re-fillable bottle for drinking.

Bring your own Water Supplies for the weekend. We will have some under the pavilion, but please bring some for your campsite. The property owner has recommended wimmin to bring their own drinking water. She would not consider the well water potable at this time.**

There are hot showers on the hill and flush toilets in both camping areas

Be prepared to handle all of your food needs with the exception of Saturday dinner.

Keep in mind that you must store and prepare any food that you bring. There is no refrigeration available on site. Ice will be sold by the campground for a small fee.

Tightly seal your food so you do not end up sharing it with the ants and other critters.

Be prepared to collect and pack out your own trash. There is no communal trash receptacle except on Saturday night for our catered meal.

There is no kitchen available; however, there is a communal dish washing area and electricity in the pavilion.

There will be a Coffee and Tea Bar with fresh-brewed coffee and assorted teas available -bring your own mug and cash. This is funded by donations. Feel free to bring donations of coffee, teas, hot chocolate, sweeteners, snacks, etc. to add to the coffee bar as well.